Original post : Dec 2, 2014

What is WYOD and why should I care?

Wearable TechYou may have heard of BYOD - bring your own device. It's the trend to allow employees to use their own devices to access corporate resources. Usually we're talking mobiles devices such as smart phones or tablets but it could include laptops too.

Obviously there are security implications of employees using devices with varying levels of security and standardisation but the upsides in terms of reduced capital cost in supplying company devices can be considerable. many companies have therefore developed policies on BYOD and implemented access controlled cloud based systems to exert as much control as possible on access and storage of company information.

WYOD is the next step along this path. It stands for Wear Your Own Device and recognises the increasing trend towards wearable computing. With Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear and now the iwatch from Apple analysts predict an explosion in the use of wearable technology. According to a forecast by CCS Insight, wearable device sales are expected to hit 22 million globally in 2014, up from 9.7 million in 2013, and will continue to grow to 135 million in 2018.

IT directors and CIOs know that many employees don't read, take notice of or apply BYOD policies today and although wearable tech could present huge opportunities for increased productivity from a more mobile workforce it comes with some security headaches.

Senior IT managers need to start thinking now about how they will respond to the increased security threats posed by wearable tech.



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