Computer Data Destruction

Secure physical destruction of hard discs, memory sticks, DVDs and smartphones

Benefits of physical computer data destruction 


computer data destructionThink of all the important and sensitive information you store on your PC, on CDs & DVDs, on memory sticks and even in your smartphone. Now think what happens to all that confidential data when you upgrade your equipment.

If you recycle your old computer equipment can you be entirely confident that your data is completely removed? Will the scrap merchant who will take your equipment away "for free" be as concerned with your data as you are?

Just think:

  • using software to completely remove data requires over-writing the data on the disks multiple times.This is a time consuming process and can be costly if done properly.
  • Different equipment (hard disks, SD cards, USB sticks, smart phones etc) require different approaches to data removal.
  • Even smashing with a hammer doesn't make data recovery impossible if someone is determined enough!

Our secure physical destruction literally shreds your hard drives, USB sticks, smart phones, tape, CDs and DVDs to ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands.

Why choose computer data destruction from IPS?

We take no chances with your computer data. All your storage media are crushed and shredded making subsequent recovery of the data impossible. The IPS computer data destruction service includes:

  • Collection from your premises
  • Certificated destruction
  • Fully trained and security checked staff

When you need to be absolutely sure that your data is destroyed contact IPS.

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