Store-a-Box Document Archiving Service

Over 10,000 sq ft of space storing over 45000 archive boxes


Document archivingBenefits of Document Archiving

There are 6 main reasons you should consider a document archiving solution:

  1. Free up valuable office space - Think what you could do with the extra space once you can get rid of all those filing cabinets. A new office for the boss, another desk for that extra sales rep. A meeting room to welcome clients. There are any number of better uses your expensive office space can be put to than filling it with filing.              
  2. Compliance - Some businesses are required to maintain records securely for long periods of time and while they need to be safe they don't need to be accessed frequently. Storing securely off-site in appropriate facilities is the most sensible option.
  3. Cost effective - The cost of storage space is nominal compared to prime office and high street space.
  4. Efficient access when you need it - The creation of the archive includes implementation of an efficient document cataloguing system which makes retrieving a document from the archive a breeze.
  5. Business continuity - Many of your documents store valuable information or are business critical. Off-site storage in a secure and protected environment means better disaster recovery.
  6. Document life-cycle management - an effective archiving solution will securely store and retrieve your documents throughout their life and will also ensure secure destruction once the document is no longer required.

Why use Store-a-Box document archiving?

In addition to the secure storage of your documents and data we also provide the following benefits.

  • We deliver and collect your boxes, files and records at no additional cost to you
  • We will undertake secure confidential destruction of your data when required and provide a certificate of destruction 
  • We offer a transparent and uncomplicated pricing structure which provides exceptional value for money
  • All of our Staff are Data Protection Act compliant and security checked, going back 10 years, ensuring your storage is completely safe
  • Switching your archive to Store-a-Box is hassle free. We will arrange the transfer of your archive from your existing supplier.

How much does it cost?

Description Price
Up to 48 boxes stored (min. charge)  £85.00 per month
Additional boxes, per box  £0.45 per month
Box or file retrieval  Free
Delivery or collection of files or boxes  Free
New/replacement boxes  £4.55 each
Permanent withdrawal of a box or file  £4.55 each
Secure destruction handling time £65.00 / hour

Already use a document archiving service?

We understand that potential clients are apprehensive about changing supplier You may fear that it would be time consuming, costly or just too much effort.

With a move to IPS we take the stress away from you with our 3 point "Smooth Move' process as follows:

  1. You confirm any exit penalties involved in moving from your current supplier. We will then refund this cost to you either by:
    • Paying the exit penalty directly to your existing supplier or 
    • You pay the exit costs and we will initially reduce your storage costs with us by the same monetary amount, thereby making your move to us a zero cost to you!
  2. We liaise with your supplier to arrange collection of your boxes
  3. We collect your boxes at our expense

If you are looking for secure confidential storage for your company records, data, files and documents, and your business is in London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey or Essex, then contact us today.

Store-a-Box customers can manage their archive through our web portal. Order:

  • Retrieval
  • Delivery
  • collection
  • destruction
  • Additional boxes

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